Love the Art of Sugarcraft

Do you remember rolling balls and making snakes with play dough as a child? How about making masterpieces with clay at school in art class? If you could eat those creations you would have Sugarcraft. Simply put the gorgeous art of creating 3D figures or decorations with a sugar based moulding material. Those cute gorgeous cake toppers that look like they have been made of plasticine. Different from pretty icing or edible pictures on a cake, sugarcrafted sculptures make any occasion cake pop and give you a great big wow.

sugarcraft example


Like anything new you want to learn, Sugarcraft or sugar modelling takes patience and imagination. There are lots of sugarcraft books and online tutorial blogs and videos available. Though lots I found where from non English blogs, the pictorials gave the same result. You could also check your community for local classes or meetings such as the Cake Decorators’ Association in Australia conducts regularly.

When creating 3D centre pieces for your cake there are a number of materials you can use, just like clay modelling each medium can give you different results. Fondant is the common choice, malleable and flexible, which can be made ahead of time and used if it has been stored properly. Other decorators have used marzipan, sugar paste, modelling paste or a combination of pastes.

Always check the application to make sure you use the right paste. For example Mexican paste it brittle and hard drying, not suitable for flowers but better for sturdy items like a plaque. Whereas Flower paste is flexible, stretches if it is worked well and holds its shape once sculpted.

Like all food creations there are numerous tools available and you may be tempted to use something you found at the art store, think carefully first. Make sure all materials are of a food grade quality and safe for consumption.
If you are looking for inspiration go no further than youtube or pinterest both are full of wonderfully gorgeous creations, too few to post here.