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Over the past few years, candle making has become extremely popular. The art of candle making is not only fun, it’s extremely interesting as well. You can involve your kids in this art, since its so much of fun. Candles are perfect as decorative pieces for home, they are also make great gifts to gift someone. In order to start off with your candle making, you need to have the right materials and supplies. These include candle molds, wicks, wax, and fragrance. The candle mold is the one of the most important things that you need, so you need to find the right type of candle mold.

While selecting the candle mold, try and opt for one which you can relate to. Its the candle mold that gives the candle its shape, so choosing the right type of mold is essential. Having zeroed in on the candle mold, next purchase some candle wax, wicks etc. If you want to make some beeswax candles, then you would need to purchase some beeswax. Beeswax is considered to be a superior material for making candles, however it can be quite pricey. Beeswax however has a lot of positive aspects to it. For starters, its a natural product and does not leave out those awful vapors that leave you sick and nauseous, they have a longer burning time, moreover you get a pleasant faint smell of honey. All these features, makes beeswax worth the high price.

Alternatively you can just use gel instead of wax, thus leaving out the wax. Gel candles are quite trendy today, and are extremely attractive to look at.

Where can you buy your supplies for candle making? Pretty much most of it is available at most Art & Craft stores. You can buy some colored wax if you want to make a candle of various candles. You can buy candle molds of various shapes and sizes. There are many available in the market, you can just pick the ones that catch your fancy. The seamless aluminum molds are quite in vogue these days, as they slip right out of the mold, without the need for polishing or trimming.

The wax that you’ll need, depends on the type of mold that you have. For example, pillar waxes due to their higher melting point, need to be used with pillars. Votive waxes are intended to be use with votive metal candle holders. Container waxes, are meant for pots or holders, as they shouldn’t be free standing pieces due to their low melting points. So its essential that you choose the right type of wax, which is intended for particular types of candle molds. You can also purchase a variety of different fragrances such as vanilla, fruity flavors, musk etc.

If your serious about your candle making, it makes sense to purchase candle making supplies, such as wicks, wax etc in bulk. This way you can avail of wholesale rates as well. Some retailers will also offer you huge discounts, of you buy larger quantities of supply. There are plenty of online stores where you can buy candle making supplies. These are convenient as your supplies are shipped right up to your doorstep. Online stores also give you various discounts.

If your just starting off and are not sure what type of supplies to go in for, you can go in for a candle making kit which has all the necessary supplies. Its ideal for beginners.

For more tips and techniques on candle making then why not visit our craft information site or if you are new to candle making take a look at the Step by step candle making guide.

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Candle Making for the Whole Family


Candle making is a craft that have pre-historical and worldwide roots and when the evening has come, this craft grew out of the necessity for light. The candle is just made of a flammable wick surrounded by a medium that enables for a longer burning period than if the wick were made to consume by itself. Animal grease, also named tallow, was used at one time for candle type burning lights because tallow was generally accessible although in time beeswax came to be used in the manufacture of candles. With beeswax, there was less smoke than tallow, which produced a heavy odor and black smoke, and beeswax provided a much sweeter perfume.


Candle making is an uncomplicated to do and relaxing craft that produces candles ranging from simple and functional to a custom-made and artist created candle product. Many candle making techniques necessitate heat to melt the wax to be poured into a mold or utilized as a liquid for dipped candles. Two simple candle-making techniques are the rolled beeswax candle and the bead wax candle technique. During the making of the candle, none of these two techniques involve heat. You may find a candle making technique and project to match your skill level and budget.


Even a beginner are capable to make candles that are suitable for gift offering or home decor. You will gain practice and experience with simple candle making techniques by trying simple projects at first. You can move on to the project of your choice when you feel ready. It is important that you read any project directions completely before you begin the project so that you will be aware of the necessary supplies, tools and techniques that you will use to complete the project.


You may use different products for embedding the wick and the various choice can give you a good potential for beautiful candles. Besides the rolled beeswax sheets and wax beads, you may also make molded, dipped, container and candles with embedded things and the wax can be scented, colored, painted and embellished with various finishes. In candle making, a variety of kinds of wax can be used such as paraffin, vegetable, soy and floral waxes.


You will get more confident taking on more difficult jobs and even creating your own customized works of candle art as you get experienced in mastering candle making talents. You will feel proud to give and use candles for creating atmosphere, evoking moods and for spiritual purposes. Candles are useful for the different seasons and holidays and by making your own candles, you can join in an old tradition of candle making.

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