Bookbinding Tutorial – Hardcover Bookbinding Tutorial

Hardcover bookbinding is the process of making a book with thick covers. These books will be more durable and last longer than the paperback books. You may be having several harcover books at home right now. Just have a look at them. Look at the spine, how the signatures are attached. You will get an idea how they are bound. In this bookbinding tutorial I will show you the steps which will give you your own hardcover book.

Things that are needed for this tutorial are

thick cover
an awl for making small holes
carpet thread or strong nylon thread
PVA glue
plastic or cloth or some paper for wrapping around the cover

Got all the above stuff ? If yes, let us start

1.Fold one paper into half. The crease that is formed at the centerspine is the spine. Arrange all the papers in order and make four holes on the spine. All papers should have the holes at the same points.

2.Make signatures by grouping four to six papers.

3.Get the needle and thread ready. It’s time for stitching. Take the needle into the first hole, out of the second hole, then into the third hole and then out of the fourth hole for first signature.

4.Get the second signature. Take the needle through first hole of second signature, then out of the second hole. Now go to the second hole of first signature, and out of the third hole. Put the needle into the third hole of second signature and out of the fourth. You have two signatures connected. Do the same for the remaining signatures.

5.Hold the signatures along the spine with paper clamp or bookpress if you have. Apply glue over the entire spine. Leave it to dry completely.

6.For making the cover, take the thick cardboard and cut two pieces. The size should be a little bigger than the papers. Cut one more for the spine.

7.Place these three pieces of cover on a large plastic or cloth ( for wrapping around the cover ) Apply glue and attach the cover pieces on this. Now you have the cover ready.

8.Apply glue on the cover and the topmost page of the book. Carefully attach them and hold tightly using a clamp or bookpress. Keep this for drying.

9.You will have your own hardcover book ready.

Using the above steps you can create a hardcover book in a day. You will face some problems while stitching, so do it carefully. The remaining is easy. Hope this simple bookbinding tutorial has helped you.

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