Jewelry Making At Home Helps The Homemaker Juggle Her Finances


Jewelry aking is becoming one of the biggest home based businesses in the world. 80 per cent of home based jewelry making is done in the home by women. It is a great alternative for the homemaker who needs to stay home to be with her children. This self employer does not have to worry about daycare or babysitting expenses. Kids get to soccer practice, dance class and cheerleading daily. There isn’t any overhead and the working hours are up to you.

Depending on the style of jewelry you are making depends solely on you. You are your own boss. Home based jewelry making businesses are easy to organize and there is no cap on creativity. You set the length of your day and you decide how much vacation to receive each year. Home jewelry making can be a very lucrative career. But a home based business depends on self-motivation.

Jewellery Trends

Success in the jewelry making business depends greatly on jewelry trends. Of course there will always be a demand for earrings, rings and necklaces. But following the current trends in jewelry will lead a home based jewelry business to success. Turquoise jewelry is one style of jewelry that is here to stay. Silver jewelry is usually a staple in every woman’s jewelry box, as well as, gold and silver cross necklaces.

Power beads are an example of a trend in jewelry making. The beads that are made into bracelets all are supposed to have a mystical power to them. They could bring you wealth, love or good health. Large ‘honker’ rings and oversized earrings were other notable trends. Bracelets made out of hemp or natural twine also shot to fame at one point in time. Colored fired glass was another beautiful trend in jewelry making.

All one has to do is go to a local craft show to see the many booths full of jewelry to discover the latest look. Many home based jewelry making businesses use local fairs and bazaars to sell their jewelry. EBay and the internet is another selling tool.

The more artistic and creative the artisan is in her jewelry making, the more successful she will become. It is not unusual to discover that many of the great jewelry lines today have come from women who started jewelry making businesses in the home. Whoever said, that the woman’s place is in the home, obviously was clueless to the power of the woman!

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