Embroidery Design

Are you currently a needle crafts buff? Embroidery is, arguably, one of the very most refined of the needle crafts. The very fine thread allows for detailed designs which can be almost like paintings. Variations inside the number of threads and length of stitches, in addition to raised work and knots can form intriguing, beautiful effects. Perhaps probably the most satisfying aspect with this craft will be the embroidery design. There is certainly no reason to follow purchased designs. Should you embroider, or would like to learn, you probably use a great eye for color and composition as well being a fair level of patience. You’ve got the artistic flair, so take the artistic license and you could make your own personal embroidery design. Let’s examine a couple of pointers and concepts.

Toss around ideas for designs that appeal to you personally. Should you aren’t feeling inspired, go online or visit your library for pictures of embroidery pieces as well as tapestries. Examine the elements of the image which produce certain effects that catch your eye. Start to see the way the ornate borders of 17th century tapestries might be adapted to some small picture frame design. Examine various techniques for coloring a flower that looks three dimensional.

Landscapes, florals and geometrics are good options for any beginning designer. Keep your embroidery design around the small side for starters. It’s common for beginners to bite off more compared to what they are able to finish before frustration over spoiled stitches or undesirable effects sets in as well as the project is dropped. An embroidery design of 4 inches by 6 inches will deliver lots of knowledge and beauty to create in your following design.

If this type of is the first embroidery design, a sampler of stitches is another good choice. A sampler serves two purposes. First, you receive a chance to make their own your stitches and compare effects of different stitches side by side. Second, you are able to fool around with color combinations and effects of metallic threads within your compositions.

Once you’ve got an idea you like, use a ruler to mark the finished size in your sketchpad. Use pencil (which means you are able to erase) to sketch your embroidery design. Use light strokes until everything’s exactly the way you like it. Use colored pencils to fill within your design. Should you’ve got a rose or any other element with shading within your design, be sure to make use of different shades for your three-dimensional effect.

Next, use transfer paper or perhaps a transfer pen to trace the design onto your linen. Use masking tape to tape both linen and paper firmly in position until your transfer is complete.

Use good linen for superior results. The high thread count of quality linen allows for precise placement of stitches and definately will block well.

Now the fun begins! Get a hoop, threads and needles out and begin your masterpiece. Creating your own personal embroidery design is really a satisfying hobby that may last a lifetime. You simply keep getting better!

Design Your Own Jewelry With Jewelry Making Kits


Jewelry is worn by both women and men because they beautify our appearance or because they mean something important to the wearer. Whatever the cause, jewelry has been part of our lives right from the beginning in various forms. Today jewelry is worn to emphasize one’s looks or display a status, such as the engagement ring or wedding band.

Many people however, enjoy wearing jewelry because it is fun and it adds color to one’s personality. Here are a few tips on how jewelry making kits can make wearing jewelry even more enjoyable.

Custom Made to Your Requirements

The number one advantage of jewelry making kits is that they allow you to be in charge of various aspects and thus, create jewelry to fit your needs and requirements exactly. For example, you can control the length of a necklace, the colors used in making it and the number of strands. Jewelry making kits are available in your choice of materials such as beads, crystals, pearls and precious gemstones. You can choose the type of raw material you want and according to your existing skills you can also choose from the types of jewelry making kits available.

Different Types of Jewelry Making Kits

There are many types of jewelry making kits available from all inclusive kits for beginners to the more advanced types for those who already posses some jewelry making expertise. You may want to consider all the other jewelry making tools that you may need when purchasing jewelry making kits by reading the instructions and knowing what the kit includes and what it doesn’t.

Where to Shop for Jewelry Making Kits

Depending on the type of jewelry you are looking to make, you can find jewelry making kits in craft stores, specialized jewelry supply stores or online.

A Helpful Tip

You will find that making your own jewelry is fun and relaxing. However, if you are trying it for the first time it is best you start with something small and if possible with an all inclusive jewelry making kit that have a higher probability of giving you the results desired and thus preventing disappointment.

Many people give up a hobby if it does not produce results in the first attempt. This is something you want to avoid as jewelry making is enjoyable and even profitable if you decide you are good at making jewelry and want to start your own business.

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