Adorable Crochet Books

I love the internet and I love information,  might even consider me an information junkie but I just adore books, if I could I would own them all.

I found these 3 and just had to share. I can crochet but not an expert at it so these books are definitely on my radar. (affiliate links included)

438 people gave this a 5 star rating according to Goodreads, some of the reviews mention it has a spiral bound spine, clear instructions and symbol charts. Not sure yet where I would use them but could come up with something, just for the experience of making them.

Another spiral bound book, very handy. A specific border is a defining finish on any piece, gives any piece a little extra design and style. All reviews look positive – clear instructions and loads of patterns.

Mandalas are trending very well at the moment and this book has fifty to try, count that 5 – 0. I have crocheted in the round before and in spiral but these look too good not to try.