How to Bind your Own Book? – Perfect Binding Method

Bookbinding is a great craftwork which started long time ago. Nowadays more and more people are finding about this and trying to learn it. It is a good hobby to start and the feeling will be wonderful once you complete your own book. In this article you will learn how to bind your own book by perfect binding method.

What is perfect binding?

Perfect binding is a simple method in which a paper ( thicker than normal paper ) cover is attached to a stack of signatures using glue. After you have the correct knowledge you can create your own perfect bound book quickly. It is one of the easiest methods of bookbinding and if done properly you will get a perfect paperback book.

The materials you will need are

  • signatures
  • a cover ( thicker than the papers )
  • paper clamp
  • glue ( white glue, gorilla glue, hot glue, pva glue etc. )
  • scissors
  • brush for spreading the glue
  • sand paper


    First arrange all the signatures to form a stack. See that all the four sides are placed properly. If any side is out of order then trim it.

    Take the paper clamp and attach it near the spine so that the signatures stay in place. Keep them correctly so that the finishing is good.

    Roughen up the side along the spine using a sand paper. This will bind the signatures strongly when you apply the glue.

    Take some glue and spread it all over the spine edge. Keep it for drying. Apply the glue after it has dried. This will ensure that the signatures are attached strongly. Hold this together by using clamps on the spine edge.

    Take the cover and fold it to fit the spine edge of the book. Use a ruler to fold the cover properly. Now apply the glue again on the spine and attach the cover. Keep this strongly held till it dries completely.

Using these steps you will have your very own perfect bound book ready. You will not even need help from others. If you are doing it the first time you will have some difficulty. Take some rough papers and practice on them to learn how to bind your own book correctly.

All the best.

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