Book Binding Machines


For every writer it is most important to present the book with the fantastic content. However it is also important to have a great presentation for your book.

Otherwise it will lead to wrapping a diamond in an old paper. Thus the designing and binding for your book plays a major role in your business. It should be presented in a very professional manner in front of the customer and in the market. Don’t compromise with standards of quality with your book.

In short earn the money with the great book binding !!!

There are lots of types for the binding machines available in the market . Some of them are, wire binding machines, plastic comb binding machines , plastic spiral binding machines, Laminating machines etc.

Wire binding machines can have 120 sheet binding and punching  capacity. It can punch upto 10 sheets per punch. There is magnetic wire comb slot which keeps wire in place while you position the paper. Built in wire gauge is there to help determine the correct wire size for your document.

Plastic comb binding machines can have binding capacity of 500 sheets and punching capacity for 12-20 sheets. Such machines are available in the market with 12 months warranty. These machines are available with the electric comb also which is capable of punching and closing simultaneously. These machines weigh around 20 kg and have strong metal chasis. Comes with both manual and auto-reversing features that prevents paper jams . It has both manual and auto reversing features that prevents paper jams.

Spiral binding machines are also very interesting and easy to use for binding your book. It is ideal for businesses demanding professionalism and productivity. A must for all companies with large workloads . Electric Roller Inserter (Foot pedal operated) is available that allows the free use of both hands and grants the operator complete rotating control of the roller. Drastically reduces time and costs by making the inserting surprisingly fast and easy. Punching Margin Control provides the correct punch margin depth – 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm. Electric punch machine with 4 optional interchangeable punch bars allowing different types of binding

Laminating machines the another machines for binding the books.  It is cost effective, high performance, simple desktop roll laminator . High quality 4-roller laminator with volume temperature control and cold film setting. EXCELAM-PLUS is a suitable machine for copy centers and graphic printing shops as it has multi-step pressure control device which controls roller tension according to the type of the material. Ideal for picture, poster, inkjet, prints, advertising paper laminating and allows laminating display with lamiboard of up to 5mm. Independent temperature control of Top and Bottom roller assures excellent lamination result of inkjet print, and photographic print with ease. Offer exceptional high-capacity performance for Hot laminating, Micronex, Cold laminating and Mounting.

If you use these types of machines for binding your book it will be one of the best presentation in the market. The pages and cover of the book can be bound together for making them last longer and enhancing their appearance for the customers.

Twin Loop Binding have expert and skilled technicians to come out to repair or service your laminator, book binding, shredder, guillotine, folding machine, binding machine, stapler or paper drill. If we are unable to repair your machine on site we will further assist you by trying to arrange a loan machine.

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Book Binding – the Advantages of Professionally Finishing your Documents and Reports

Who should think about book binding options? Professionals who need to present messages and concepts in print. It can take considerable resources (time, money, effort) to write, edit, illustrate, review, revise, and approve print-based information. After all of that hard work, it seems ridiculous to assemble the final product in a haphazard manner. For the same reasons you would not wrap a diamond in an old newspaper; you should not encase your project proposal or user guide stapled and stuffed into an envelope. The wrapping is the first indication of the quality of the contents.

Many businesses rely on the simplest and least effective form of binding-the staple. While stapling documents works on a basic level, stapling communicates a lack of attention to image and detail. Since virtually everyone uses staples on a daily basis, there is nothing special about the staple. It communicates a sense of the commonplace and mundane.

Slightly more discriminating businesses use ring binders to organize information. Binders work well for documents requiring frequent revision and updates. Like the staple, ring binders are ordinary and boring. However, for more static documents, other types of binding pack a lot more bang for the buck.

Bound documents are more professional looking and remain organized. They help to enhance the image of your organization and amplify your message. Highly polished and professional business documents can easily translate into improved perception and enhanced profitability. They help you to establish a professional image while keeping your information in order. Binding your documents helps you to ensure that your message is not lost before potential clients or employees can evaluate them. Plus, binding is often less expensive and more efficient than punching holes and inserting documents into binders or file folders.

Document binding has almost limitless applications. Think of all the print information we handle at work, home, and school. Binding is perfect for all sorts of documents in a variety of industries. Some applications include the following:

Sales and Marketing


Grant proposals

Bids and quotes


Marketing plans

Training and Education


New employee kits

Policy and procedure documentation

User guides

Reference materials

General Business Administration

Financial reports


Directories and contact lists

Safety guidelines

Employee handbooks

Benefits guides

The physical appearance of a document should be an extension of its content and the hard work and attention to detail that went into it. Whether you choose plastic combs, spiral coil, double loop wire, Velobind, Proclick, Zipbind or Unibind for your documents, the quality of the finished proposal serves as a visual indicator of the quality of the text contained within. Bound documents appear to be of a higher caliber and deserving of attention. In addition, binding allows companies to customize materials for each client or employee. Personalized materials can be produced for one person or one thousand people without sacrificing the polished look binding provides. Because there are so many binding options, it is easy to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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