Fast and Fun Folded Cards For Christmas

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Get ready for the gift giving season by adding a personal touch with beautiful handmade christmas cards.

Introducing:  Fast and Fun Folded Cards

Skill Level: Easy

Jazz up greeting cards with quick and easy folds! Although some folding techniques can appear difficult and quite intimidating, with clear, close-up project photos, detailed folding diagrams and a few basic tools, you can learn to make these folds with ease. Soon you’ll be wowing your friends and family with stunning cards just like these!

This book is very fun and inspirational for cardmakers. The instructions are easy to follow. Adding dimension and movement to card designs is a great way to improve the overall look of handmade cards. Find design inspiration in these 40+ projects showing a wide variety of popular paper folding techniques used by some of today’s best card designers.

Techniques include accordion folds, gate folds, tea bag folds and cut and fold template designs. Great new ideas for creating cards that are folded in different ways! The cards are attractive and many are not as difficult as they look!! This book is recommend to anyone looking to create cards that are unusual and attractive.

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Fast and Fun Folded Cards