Love the Art of Sugarcraft

Do you remember rolling balls and making snakes with play dough as a child? How about making masterpieces with clay at school in art class? If you could eat those creations you would have Sugarcraft. Simply put the gorgeous art of creating 3D figures or decorations with a sugar based moulding material. Those cute gorgeous cake toppers that look like they have been made of plasticine. Different from pretty icing or edible pictures on a cake, sugarcrafted sculptures make any occasion cake pop and give you a great big wow.

sugarcraft example


Like anything new you want to learn, Sugarcraft or sugar modelling takes patience and imagination. There are lots of sugarcraft books and online tutorial blogs and videos available. Though lots I found where from non English blogs, the pictorials gave the same result. You could also check your community for local classes or meetings such as the Cake Decorators’ Association in Australia conducts regularly.

When creating 3D centre pieces for your cake there are a number of materials you can use, just like clay modelling each medium can give you different results. Fondant is the common choice, malleable and flexible, which can be made ahead of time and used if it has been stored properly. Other decorators have used marzipan, sugar paste, modelling paste or a combination of pastes.

Always check the application to make sure you use the right paste. For example Mexican paste it brittle and hard drying, not suitable for flowers but better for sturdy items like a plaque. Whereas Flower paste is flexible, stretches if it is worked well and holds its shape once sculpted.

Like all food creations there are numerous tools available and you may be tempted to use something you found at the art store, think carefully first. Make sure all materials are of a food grade quality and safe for consumption.
If you are looking for inspiration go no further than youtube or pinterest both are full of wonderfully gorgeous creations, too few to post here.

Couple of Cake Decorating Ideas

A special occasion coming up that needs a special  cake? Every celebration includes a cake to be shared among the guests and family members. It was tradition to for a cake to be baked at a bakery, only  recently has it become an acceptable common practice for a relative bake a cake for that event. Should you be the designated cake decorator, you could be trying to find a new idea for your creation. You know you are creative, but you need inspiration to work with first.

Whatever cake you are making will function as center of attention as cakes usually are with a celebration. It’s become tradition to possess a outstanding cake at every celebration.

Below are a couple of cake decorating ideas:

– Characters: you can find hundreds of famous characters to make use of for cake decorating. You could make any cake special by drawing in Dora the Explorer, or Blues Clues. Or you could desire to cut up the cake to produce the entire cake in to a favorite character. Characters are not limited to children’s cake a character  cake can be whimsical and reminiscent of  childhood years gone by. Especially fun for a playful 21st or a grooms cake.

– Themes: maybe you’d like to go having a 50’s theme, underwater adventure, sport theme, or perhaps a roaring 20’s theme for the party. The theme can be accented in the  cake decorating. Use your creativity and locate a theme that will thrill the person you are making the cake for, and also the guests . Or may be the party hosts have a colour theme in mind and that could inspire the cake design. Whatever the theme if there is one this will be your jumping off point for the cake.

– Motor Cakes: boys are usually crazy about trucks, cars, fire engines, boats, tractors, helicopters, or airplanes. Again it is possible to make use of your cake decorating expertise to produce a farm having a 3-d tractor, a racing strip, or perhaps a scene showing a fire being put out by firemen. Obviously it all depends on what the particular birthday boy is fond of.

– Animals: it is possible to also use an animal theme by cutting the cake to look like every animal, or draw in the scene using animals. It might be considered a zoo scene with several animals or choose one animal and decorate the cake with other decorations showing where it came from. Imagine a little girls eyes lighting up when see spies her sparkly unicorn cake. Anything goes, use your imagination and remember the audiences likes and expectations and you can not go wrong.

– Food: maybe you are making a cake for that opening of your Italian restaurant. You could produce a scene depicting the building, or whether it is perfect for any chef opening the restaurant, a scene of the kitchen with various Italian dishes would be fun. It is possible to also cut the cake to look just like a hamburger, hot dog, taco etc… The sky may be the limit with regards to cake decorating employing a food theme.

– Holiday Themes: bunny cakes became popular at Easter,  A heart on valentine’s day, or perhaps a 4 leaf clover on st. Patrick’s day is really a wonderful method to express happy holidays. Many holiday cake decorating designs can easily be achieved with the use of specially designed cake pans in relevant shapes. Santa tin for Christmas; heart for Valentines can never go wrong.

– Your Own Creation: should you happen to be involved in cake decorating for a significant while, or should you are a novice with an artistic flair, it is possible to you could make your own personal cake based around the theme or the celebration. There are  plenty of magazines on the subject to provide you with inspirational ideas and designs or simply as a start point for you to tweak to your liking.