Interactive Custom Greeting Cards

When you print greeting cards, it really pays well to have an interesting and memorable design. Most off the shelf and even custom greeting cards nowadays really carry only a little impact to most people. This is because we are bombarded already by so many different digital and print media that we get oversaturated by them. We all think that we have seen all the print greeting cards that the world has to offer. To make an interesting and memorable design these days, you really need to think out of the box when it comes to custom greeting cards. One of the greatest and unique ideas today is interactive greeting cards.

Interactive custom greeting cards are color greeting cards that aim to engage the receiver of the card by offering some interactivity to its nature. This means that the card requires an action from the receiver in order to deliver its message. Below are a few of these interactive features that you can apply to greeting cards:

Puzzle Greeting cards:

A good interactive greeting card design is the puzzle greeting card. These are the cards with a puzzle or similar “mind exercise” on the cover. The puzzle can be an image puzzle, such as those “3d image puzzles” where you try to find the image in what seems like abstract art. It can also be something like a crossword puzzle where the greeting card message will appear as you solve it. It can be as mind bending as a game of “Sudoku” as well. Whatever the puzzle choice however, the receiver of the greeting cards will be engaged with the card and they will definitely pay attention to the message.

Pop-up greeting cards:

For kids and kids at heart, pop-up greeting cards are another good idea as interactive greeting cards. Pop-ups basically produce a whole “3D” message for the receiver as you open them. You can integrate interactive elements, such as moving hands, people and objects into the greeting card that makes them more interactive. This doubles the use of the greeting card as a toy as well. People will engage in the greeting card more and they will keep them for a longer time since it is really useful.

Musical button cards:

Another great interactive greeting card design is the musical button card. These are the cards where you push a button and music starts playing from the card. Music gives the greeting card that extra emotional effect, especially if the music has a special meaning for the receiver. People will constantly push the musical button as they read that special message from you.

Cards with Embossed or special letters:

Finally, we have cards with embossed or special letters. Though it is low on the interactivity side since people will only touch the embossed letters or designs, it still counts since people are engaged and tempted to touch the embossed parts. People like texture, so embossing your greeting card designs engages people’s sense of touch, giving another sensory level of stimulation. This kind of card will be memorable because people will “feel” the card instead of just remembering how it looks.

Those are the great ideas for interactive greeting cards. They are unique, memorable and very engaging with people. With the drive of multimedia products nowadays, greeting cards have to be interactive so that it can change for the future. So go ahead and print greeting cards that are interactive. You will not be disappointed.

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