Scrapbooking Techniques

Take a notebook or a mundane daily diary or journal and add some decoration with a border and you end up with a scrapbook. The notebook, diary, journal or scrapbooks have the same basis for production. They all are filled with thoughts, ideas and feelings. What separates a scrapbook from the others is the visual impact and beauty of the production. In a way, the scrapbook allows you to show off your events or thoughts so that other people will enjoy seeing it. All these mentioned items preserve memorabilia and legacies. It is just that the scrapbook dabbles in creativity and imagination whereas the other items are plain and simple.

Just as with many other facets of life these days, scrapbooking has also been changed with the advent of the computer, internet and things like printers and scanners. These items of hardware have the same effect as the printing press on scrapbook presentations. They all make the process faster and easier. Desktop publishing and new software has also made scrapbooking easier for everyone. You could have a scrapbook and not use a single piece of paper. Doing this is known as digital scrapbooking and it has taken off in popularity. Whereas all these new-fangled computerized methods use to be the domain of geeks and techno-nerds, they have now branched out to the practice of scrapbooking. People of all ages from anywhere in the world now have access to many things to help them produce their own special scrapbooks. Because of the internet and lots of scrapbook oriented websites, the options have skyrocketed. Never in the past could someone do as much as they can now. Another facet of digital scrapbooking fits in very nicely with the world of social networking. Sites like Myspace and Facebook are a good match for displaying your scrapbooking skills.

Over the years, scrapbooking has gone from a hobby for elitists to today where it is a viable commercial activity. Both brick-and-mortar locations and websites have mushroomed into what you see today. It used to be a small scale activity but now it is expanding day by day. With all the new entries into the scrapbooking industry, there are new scrapbooking techniques and lots of them. Because of the myriad of choices for scrapbooking, it is hard to pigeonhole particular scrapbooking techniques. There really is no right or wrong way to decorate a scrapbook. This leads to new and unique scrapbooking techniques every day. Don’t get me wrong, there are scrapbook techniques that will definitely benefit your presentation but a little bit of imagination with a smidgeon of creativity will go a long way.

So where does one go to look for new and different scrapbooking techniques? There are websites, books, and friends who also scrapbook. Scrapbooking is a learning experience and while you are creating your masterpiece, you will see interesting techniques you may not have thought of in the past. Go ahead use them and share them with your friends. Get them to share their scrapbooking techniques too.

When you plan your scrapbook, take some time and think the whole process through to the finished project. You start out with the most important portion of the scrapbook; the paper. Paper should be sturdy with a long life and be acid-free. You want your work around for a long time and the correct paper is essential for long life. As you plan the design of your scrapbook, keep mental notes about different supplies needed. Supplies such as pens, inks and stencils should be carefully planned for to make your project. Go into each scrapbook with the correct planning and you will find it easier to express your thoughts and end up with beautiful presentations.

A lot of scrapbooking techniques highlight the need to have index pages or highlight pages. They will inform you about where to locate them and how to display them. These special pages should be instantly noticeable as special pages with unique colors and symbols. Another way to distinguish pages is with bookmarks with tassels. Tassels are both decorative and functional in a scrapbook.

There are many elements to the art of decoration. Decoration shouldn’t be overdone as it will make your project look gaudy. The right type of decoration is critical in scrapbooking techniques. Choose decoration carefully with planning before you start. Visualize it and then go with it. There are many choices you can use. Stamps, embellishments, rub-ons, stickers, snow globes etc. can really glitz up your scrapbook if not done to excess. Choose carefully and use each appropriately.

Want more versatility for your scrapbook? Here are a few ways to add impact to your project. You can add pop-up pages, trinkets that are attached to pages, punch craft, peek-a-boo and panoramic pages will make your scrapbook unique and wonderful. Scrapbook techniques are limitless and very diverse. Go ahead and explore these techniques and add versatility to your scrapbooks.

Been there, done that, scrapped a page about it. Ken

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Jewelry Making Tips – Getting Started With Wire Jewelry Making


Making wire jewelry is a popular and rewarding hobby for many people. It can however be confusing to beginners who are just starting out. This article will introduce you to the various tools and materials you will need to get your jewelry making hobby started.




Whether you are making your own wire wrap jewelry as a hobby or you are starting your own business making wire jewelry, you will need to have an area that will promote creativity and enable you to concentrate. Spend some time planning and organizing your jewelry making workshop now so that you will be more productive when you get started.


Many of us do not have the luxury of a private workshop where we can escape from the noise and interruptions of our busy homes. This doesn’t mean you should lose hope and give up on your wire jewelry making dreams, it just means you will need to be a bit more creative with your space.


Try to find a place that is as private as possible, away from phones, televisions and other interruptions. Perhaps you can clear a space out in your garage or attic. Maybe you have a corner of a guest room or a spot in your basement.


Next you will want to consider lighting. Lighting is very important in jewelry making. Find a room near a window with lots of natural light if you can, but if you cannot find such a location, you will need to invest in a natural lighting alternative. There are special types of lighting and bulbs available that simulate natural sun light. Just do a search online and you will most certainly find something. Full spectrum bulbs are close to natural sunlight.


You will also need a way to organize and store all of your jewelry making tools and supplies as well as a surface or bench to work on. Professional jewelry benches can be expensive, so if you cannot afford one, visit a used furniture outlet, flea market, or good will outlet and purchase a bench there. Look for a sturdy solid wood desk that is wide and deep enough to give you plenty of space to work on. If it doesn’t have drawers, you can purchase an affordable organizer with drawers at any home improvement store. This can be used to store your supplies.


You will also need a chair. You should take your time when shopping for a chair as you will spend a lot of time sitting at your desk. You will want a chair that is comfortable and has wheels so you can conveniently slide around your workspace.


If you are unable to invest any money right now into buying your furniture, don’t let that stop you. Your kitchen table will work as a descent substitute. Many beginners get started that way.






There are a wide assortment of pliers and cutters available for wire jewelry artists and each tool has its own purpose. Most professional and experienced wire jewelry artists will normally have a big collection of these tools on hand, but for a beginner it is not necessary. You will only need a few to get started. Pliers are made with various nose shapes and some are made fitted with springs. Springs enable the artist to control tension on the wire. Pliers are also available with nylon jaws that prevent scratching on the wire.


Flat Nose Pliers


These are excellent for holding, flattening and straightening wire. You can also use these pliers to make angular bends.


Round Nose Pliers


Round nose pliers are great for making bends, curves and for forming loops. They are also great for detailed and delicate work.


Flush Wire Cutter


A good flush wire cutter will cut through gold, silver, brass or copper wire and give you a flush even cut.




Wire comes in a variety of different sizes, otherwise known as gages. Smaller wire has a higher gage number. For instance a 28 gage wire has a smaller diameter then a 14 gage wire. For your first wire jewelry pieces, it is probably best to begin with a higher gage wire, which will be easier to work with. Once you become more skilled at this, you can then start working with thicker and stronger wires.


Wire also comes in a variety of different shapes: round, square and half round. Round wire is a more popular choice amongst wire jewelry makers, but the other shapes can give your jewelry pieces a unique and interesting look.


Wire also comes in different degrees of hardness. Obviously softer metals are more pliable and easier to bend where as hard metals are stiffer and more difficult to bend and shape. Wire hardness is available from dead soft to extra hard. Dead soft wire is very soft and easy to work with. It is excellent for sculpting , but be careful with this wire. It is very soft and it can be easily damaged if not handled carefully. Hard wire is the most difficult to work with and manipulate, but it does have an advantage over the others as your jewelry pieces will be more durable and last longer.


Wire is also available in a variety of different metals. You have your choice of copper, silver, gold or brass. Copper and brass are cheaper than gold and silver. It may be best to start out with the cheaper materials until you become more experienced.




Once you have found a good work area and have your basic supplies, its time to start practicing and creating your first piece of jewelry. In the beginning it will certainly be challenging to come up with your own designs, but thankfully there are many accomplished wire wrap jewelry makers out there to help you along the way. Go online or to your favorite book store and purchase a beginner book on wire jewelry making or invest in a home study course. There are great courses online that come complete with all the tools and instruction you will need to get started. You can even start your own lucrative home based business making wire jewelry.


I hope this introduction to wire jewelry making has helped and has gotten you excited enough to explore this craft in more detail. Happy jewelry making!

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