Important Woodworking Tools

There are a lot of woodworking tools ranging from the manual tools to the most modern power tools. A combination of the traditional tools and modern technology tools is important for a woodworker to invest in order to produce high quality products.

Woodworking is a craft of creating furniture or anything that is made of wood. The most common types of wood used for woodworking are hardwood, softwood, and the most recent man made materials like MDF and plywood. While traditional hand tools can execute well for woodworking, the need for power tools and modern equipments are also vital for further productivity and convenience.

Traditional woodworkers normally use manual hand tools as well as simple measuring tools. In spite of that, they can accurately create beautiful furniture. However, traditional skills and tools require much more time to complete a project. With this concern, many woodworkers have shifted to utilizing modern woodworking machines and more accurate measuring tools. These modern tools and machines offer woodworkers ease of doing even the toughest projects in less time. With these features, woodworkers can perform with increased productivity and greater precision.

It is a fact that woodworkers must have the proper tools whether it is hand tools or power tools so that outstanding wood crafts can be built. It is also vital that they learn the proper way of using these tools. Below are some of the essential tools needed for woodworking shops. We start with the most basic to the most hi-end power tools which a woodworker ought to have.


Hammers are mostly used by traditional woodworkers. This tool is a general woodworking tool and is necessary especially when applying nails for crafting furniture. This can also be used in making jigs for your workshop. For quality woodworking, a small dead-blow hammer having a weight of one to two pounds is recommended. A rubber mallet hammer is also needed for accomplishing finishing touches crucial to avoiding scratches on the wood.

Hand Plane

Hand plane tools are frequently manipulated to remove small wood surpluses in finishing cuts of wood. This tool can also be adjusted depending on the required cut. It can be used to take away extra glue from the wood joints for a smoother finishing.

Hand Saw

Although there are power tools for cutting wood, it is still best if you have a hand saw. This tool is very flexible and can do a lot of general cutting requirements. It can be utilized to cut braces or complete some trimming.


This tool is substantially functional for hanging cabinets and tool holders.


Screwdrivers are not only valuable to woodworking but they are versatile tools, as well. Although rarely used in woodworking applications, screwdrivers are still an indispensable tool for a workshop. They are ideal for adjusting or tightening other power tools and can also be used in fixing screws in furniture and cabinetry.


Even if you have the most advanced power tools, there will always be a project that will necessitate the application of chisels. These tools are available in different sizes and are good for multi purpose treatments. They are just right for rounding corners, glue removal, as a scraper, and a lot more functions.

Table Saw

Generally, table saws are the heavily exploited among all machines in a woodworking shop. These machines are significantly advantageous in cutting large quantities and sizes of wood pieces in less time. This too is considered the backbone of a woodworking shop, so make sure to purchase the best which would last for long years.

Band Saw

These types of saw machines are great for accurately cutting curves and intricate forms of cuts.

Radial Arm Saw

This tool is handled for manifold cutting applications such as cross cutting, stock ripping, and bevel cutting. These are joined by miters, rabbets, and dadoes. It can also be applied as a guide for routers.

Power Drill

A power drill is elemental and has the power for most drilling job. This tool is handy and is useful for drilling hard to reach areas of a project, as well. This power tool comes with a modifiable speed.

Drill Press

The drill press can be employed for drilling holes in stocks of wood with precision. This machine comes with adjustable clamps which hold the stock into place. Drill press machines can either be for table tops or floors.

Random Orbital Sander

The orbital sander can perform sanding with random motion and thus, reduces sanding markings as compared to palm sanders. The sanding disks can be effortlessly replaced with proper grits required for a task.

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Woodworking Guilds-tips on How to Find One


Woodworking guilds are an organization or a club of craftspersons, from the woodworking industry. These guilds are made up from groups of people who have a high standard of woodworking skills. If you require information about any woodworking guilds that are in your city, you can always surf the Internet to find it.

There are web sites that will give up to date information of the guilds and their members. The main purpose for woodworking guilds is to share tools and expertise and to work together for betterment of the woodworking industry.

Here are some well known woodworking guilds:

Cabinet makers Association: It was cabinet shop owners who formed this association. The chief aim was to talk about problems that confronted the cabinet shop owners. They also got a chance to communicate with managers and owners of other small cabinet shops.

Central Florida Woodworkers Guild: This association cultivates appreciation and awareness of woodworking crafts. It promotes and encourages high standards of design and workmanship of woodworking crafts. You can take the help of their wood workers for counseling.

Colorado Woodworkers Guild: This association is a group of professional and amateur woodworkers who share their experience for the benefit of the society. Their aim is also to promote and advance excellence in woodworking.

Columbus Woodworkers Guild: Each and every month this affiliation conducts a general meeting. The association makes sure that the meeting is full of useful information, also is enjoyable and educational to all members.

Conejo Valley Woodworkers Association: This association is in Ventura County, which is in the state of California. Their main goal is to instruct, promote and share their woodworking knowledge with others.

Fine Woodworkers of Austin:
This non profit club is located in the Texas area, it provides information and education to those who are interested in learning or refining there woodworking skills.

Greenville Wood workers Guild: This association strives hard to raise the publics awareness of the the art of woodworking. This is done through collective effort. It generates revenue for various Charitable causes.

Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers: This is a non profitable group of seriously minded amateur woodworkers, there goal is education, communication and to make a bond of fellowship. This association makes fine wood carvings and exquisite furniture

Guild of Oregon Woodworkers: This association gives know how about their woodworking skills, this is done through lectures, demonstrations and seminars.

Lake Charles Woodworkers Club: The main goal for starting this organization was to give information about any safety measures that are needed while handling woodworking tools. Their members includes professionals and amateurs from all types of woodworking.

Minnesota Wood workers Guild: This association which is group of amateur and professional woodworkers has three main aims, to educate the public about woodworking, to make new friends and spread the importance of woodworking professionalism and the last is to encourage high standards in woodworking.

Northwest Indiana Woodworkers Association: The main goal of this association is to improve their woodworking skills and share innovative ideas.

Scroll saw Association of the world: This internationally acclaimed non profit organization is dedicated to the development of scroll sawing. Their purpose is give information about scroll sawing skills. The organization strives hard to provide useful knowledge in woodworking.

So if you have any queries about woodworking, then you can always ask the help of these woodworking guilds.

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