Choosing a Dollhouse Kit

Dollhouse collecting is not quite as cut and dried as one might first assume. There is so much more to it than it appears upon first glance. Dollhouse kits are not all the same. There are many types and they all vary quite dramatically. Anyone that is interested in dollhouse kits but doesn’t know where to start should gather some helpful information for beginners. There is no specific type that one should start with. It’s all a matter of personal preference and originality.

There are two basic types of dollhouses. There are those that are designed for the play and enjoyment of children and there are those that are made for adult collection and design. If you plan to make a valuable collection out of your dollhouses then you would want to invest in something that was made for adult and collection purposes.

You will find that you will have a choice between plastic and wooden dollhouses. It’s entirely up to you which one to choose but wood tends to be more durable and seems to make better dollhouse material. Choosing a material should be based on where the dollhouse will be kept and what type of longevity you seek.

One thing you may notice as you look at dollhouses is that those designed for kids play are much simpler than those created for adult collections. Adult dollhouses tend to be much more intricately designed with details replicating those from actual houses.

There are different styles and themes that you can have for your dollhouse. For example, if you have always loved the appearance of old Victorian homes, your dollhouse can be the dream home you fantasize about. From Tudor mansions to Country style homes that ooze comfort, there is no style unheard of for a dollhouse.

If you are especially creative or you just can’t find the dollhouse kit that is perfect for you, don’t rule out building your own. Sketch out a design and follow up by building your very own dollhouse. Though it is certainly a lot of work, it is a guarantee that your house will always be an original. It’s a fantastic way to exercise your creative side while allowing your dream home to come to life, even if it’s a smaller version.

If budget plays a role in your choice of dollhouse kit, that’s totally fine. It’s actually very wise to start off a new collection by starting small rather than big. A low investment is better for beginners who may not be sure if this is something they will continue on with. When you become more informed and gain a real knack for dollhouse collecting, purchase values will become a familiar area.

The assembly time associated with a dollhouse can vary greatly depending on which kit you have. If simple is what you are looking for, consider a dollhouse that comes already put together. Of course, to some collectors building the house is half the fun. Take some time to shop around in order to discover the dollhouse that is right for you.

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Books on Candle Making

Books on Candle Making

Making your own candles is a favorite craft and hobby many individuals. They find the process to be enjoyable and relaxing. Candle makers have been know to turn to their hobby in times of stress. For some candle makers, once they learn the basics they are ready for new challenges. Purchasing books on candle making can provide you with everything from basic instructions, tips, and creative ideas to make beautiful candles. Most candle making books offer wonderful illustrations as well as step by step instructions.

The type of book you want to purchase will depend on your candle making experience, the types of candles you are interested in making, and if you are making candles for fun or to sell. Take the time to explore what each book has to offer you before making a purchase so that you won’t be disappointed. You might also check with your local library for books on candle making. If you find one there you really like then you have the option to purchase it. You can also find great discounts on used candle making books online at Ebay and Yahoo Auctions.

“The Candle Maker’s Companion” by Betty Oppenheimer and Deborah Balmuth is considered to be the “must have” candle making book. It offers information for everyone including beginners and advanced. Another great choice is “The Encyclopedia of Candle Making Techniques”. This book has gotten rave reviews for providing quality information in an easy to understand form.

For those of you who have a solid foundation of basic candle making processes, consider trying “The Complete Candle Maker Techniques, Projects, and Inspirations”. The book offers great photos of forty different candles you can make. There are step by step instructions to help you make any of them that interest you. This book includes great tips and points as well to help candle makers avoid the common mistakes that affect the results of their candles.

For those of you who enjoy making candles for special occasions and holidays, the book “Creative Candles: Over 40 Inspiring Projects for Making and Decorating Candles for Every Occasion” by Sue Spear is a great book to consider for your collection. This book features candle making ideas for Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. There are also ideas for creating candles to use as center pieces and for wedding decorations.

If you are interested in doing candle making with your children, “Great Candles” is especially designed with fun candles that are easy to do with them. The book is also written in a way that children will be interested in reading it as well. The internet is a great resource to find other great candle making books to meet your expectations.

Candle making is a great pastime. You can educate yourself on the areas of candle making by exploring various books. There are books designed for all candle making levels of expertise as well as on particular themes of candles and types of candles. The market is flooded with resources in the area of candle making, so the process of tracking down a few good books on the subject should be easy as well as fairly inexpensive. Remember to check the library, local book sales, and yard sales for these books as well. Compare prices online to make sure you get the best price for the ones you are interested in.

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