Paper Crafts: Scrapbook and Greeting Card Basics

Paper crafts are a popular pastime right now. Scrapbooking is a fun way to display pictures and chronicle family history. Other paper crafts include making greeting cards and even making hand made papers.

When getting started at paper crafts, it is easy to spend a lot of money! Go easy at first until you know what sort of paper craft products you are likely to use. For instance, you may find that you love using stickers in scrapbooks, but rarely use your rubber stamps. If this is the case, you would be better off spending more on stickers and less on rubber stamps for your paper crafts.

Almost everyone has at least some of their photographs stored somewhere in a shoe box. Scrapbooks are a great way to get those photos out where people can enjoy them. You will need a loose leaf binder, some plastic page protectors, and some coloured cardstock for starters. Many paper crafts experts insist on only archival quality materials. Check the labels as you buy. Most paper products, even the cheaper ones, are labelled “acid-free,” which means that it shouldn’t fade or otherwise deteriorate if stored for a long time. Sunlight will bleach almost anything, but your paper crafts should not be out in the sunlight very often.

To start a scrapbook you have several options. You can select photos that all relate to one event, such as a trip or a child’s participation in sports. This type of scrapbook will be short, but can be designed around a theme. This is a good choice if your photos are not in a jumble. If they are, then you may wish to choose 3 or 4 photos around a general theme, and change the theme for each page. You may want to include some 2 page spreads in your scrapbook.

Attach your photos to the cardstock with double-sided tape squares or a gluestick. Then it’s time to decorate the page with stickers, paper shapes, or rubber stamped designs. In addition, you can use a coloured gel pen to write dates, names, and other highlights about the activities in the pictures.

Other items are available in paper crafts stores. These includes die cuts, which are pieces of paper already cut into shapes and objects. There are also special scissors that cut paper with an interesting edge. A pair of the type called “deckle” scissors is very useful for making elegant looking scrapbook pages, greeting cards, and other paper crafts. If you also have an old pair of pinking shears that are too dull to cut fabric, you can use those for cutting out shapes and photos.

Many paper crafts enthusiasts begin with scrapbooking, but then branch out to making their own greeting cards. Greeting cards may or may not have an original poem written on the inside. A simple “Happy Birthday,” “Get Well Soon,” or even just “Hi!” is enough to brighten someone’s day, so don’t worry about not being a good enough writer to make your own greeting cards. Rubber stamps often make beautiful greeting cards. You can even attach small ribbons, beads, and other items to hand made cards. A handmade card is sure to please anyone, whether they are interested in paper crafts or not.

10 Fine Jewellery Trends for 2013

Jewellery trends are derived from 3 Rs; real life, runaway, and red carpet. We have compiled a list of latest jewellery trends through our research of new styles seen at shows and appointments, top looks at awards shows, and runaway fashions for spring. Subtle Drop Earrings: These can make a bigger statement compared to the studs of last year. They even coordinate perfectly with various fashion silhouettes, so the drop earring is a hot jewellery trend this year. We get to observe some petite drop earrings at the Golden Globe Awards last year. They offer flouncy and romantic effects to your outfits and complement nicely with your spring’s full skirts.

Emerald: This precious gemstone has always been a favorite choice of celebrities, and it has been used widely by designers throughout the world in their fashion collections. Additionally, Gemfields, an international mining firm is aiming to make the Emeralds even more popular.

Snakes: It is the year of snake according to Asian calendar. With the Serpenti collection, Bulgari is already on trend, and lots of independent jewellery manufacturers and designers are prepared to serve up chic serpent and stylized rattlesnake jewels that customers demand.

Black and White: The black and white colors never go out of fashion. In jewellery, the black and white bodes well for the diamonds, and stunning colored gemstones such as white topaz, onyx, black spinel, colorless rock crystal, and many more.

Cabochons: We saw plenty of them in last year’s jewellery week. The Cabochon cuts let enthusiasts to revel in various colored gemstones that have many inclusions to facet, which makes them a bit inexpensive. Moreover, they make a perfect match with the casual clothes of spring like denim, loose-fitting pants, and slouchy suits.

Drusy: There was plenty of drusy at the Jeweler of America show, AGTA Spectrum Awards and jewellery week last year. The crystal-dusted, flat-backed minerals features an organic look that lots of customers love, is comparatively less expensive, and is available in an array of colors.

Brass, Bronze and Well-Made Costume: This spring is ruled by the casual couture, making space for slouchy silhouettes, denim, earthy materials, and well-made, well-placed costume jewel. The current economy has opened up room for costume jewels throughout the nation.

Hair Ornaments: Think hairbands and barrettes, but also crowns and tiaras. Perhaps you may say impractical. But they are fun and youthful, and available more widely as many designers are making them. These ornaments can be the ideal statements to top off the spring’s gossamer and sheer looks that offer whimsical effects to the body, and a fancy headpiece can be the right jewellery accessory.

Estate: Customers are being directed to vintage stock by the retailers to get great deals on fine gemstones, wedding sets, period looks, and many more. And the revival of Art Deco look in 2012 has attracted customers to discover those styles having long-lasting appeal.

Chinoiserie: (a French term, signifying “Chinese-esque”) We saw Asian motifs on the spring runways, and they have appeared in jewellery in the form of cherry blossom motifs, jade, bamboo motifs, and many more. It has been several years that we are seeing tassels in lines, and we will see them for many years in future.