Make Homemade Soap — Then Sell It

Make homemade soap and visions of cash just seem to appear. My family moved about 35,000 bars of soap from the kitchen sink to customers all over the globe. Here are 5 tips for selling soap to make cash.

1. Designing it.

Handmade soap is everywhere. Everybody wants to get rich by cleaning up the world, one person at a time. Why buy your product? Most everybody now knows the story of why handmade soap is better. Most of your potential customers already have tried handmade soap, with varying quality products. And I use the term “quality” loosely, what they often got was half-cured, poorly designed junk.

Design a bar that’s different and tell why it’s different and you get customers for your unique product. They will buy from you instead of from the competition. Just build something better and different. It’s easy to do…

2. Making soap.

Carefully designed and carefully made soap truly is a luxury product. Cut no corners and make no excuses. That doesn’t mean you need expensive exotic ingredients either. Snake oil does not make better soap. Carefully combined coconut, palm and olive oils are hard to beat. Tweak your soap with exotic ingredients only when the basics are perfect.

3. It’s marketing and not just selling.

Marketing implies there is a plan. It’s more than just getting a few sales. It includes logo design, producing catalogs, brochures, attending shows, getting in stores, a whole system. Settle for a few sales and you’ll soon wear out and wear down.

4. Getting customers.

But how do you get customers to start with? Where can you begin? If you could find some place where many interested people could look at your products in just a short period of time, would that be good? What if it only cost a small fee to get in there? What if you could potentially sell a thousand dollars worth of soap a day for two or three days, would that work? All that’s fairly easy to do. It may take some time to work up to that, but there’s a way…

5. Following for success.

Once you make some sales, that’s the key. Stay in touch with customers and the repeat sales are what will make or break a small business. Staying in touch is easier than ever. For example, web sites are perfect for that, along with email. Getting new customers with web sites is tough… too much competition. Following up with existing customers with a web site is a natural.

Make handmade soap and you have a great hobby. Selling that soap in small quantities is easy. Some even move the volume up, but it takes careful attention to detail to grow and maintain a soap business.

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Find Free Dollhouse Plans

Many dollhouse lovers and collectors wish to make their very own dollhouse. There are plenty of places where one can find dollhouse designs. But most of these designs cost money and many dollhouse collectors are seeking free ones. It can be hard to find these types of things when you are not sure where to look. However, there are many places where you can find free guides for building a dollhouse. Start by using the Internet. It is likely your best source for information. There are many fantastic craft and hobby web sites that may be able to help you or at least point you in right direction.

It is a good idea to start out by doing a search on Google. By using key word terms associated with what you are looking for you will turn up several search results. Try using words like free and dollhouse plans to find what you seek. Always be careful though when searching online. Many people state their site is free when it really is not. Watch out for this type of thing. Some sites will offer free items but not what you are looking for.

Try looking at dollhouse collector web sites that are very well put together. They often offer links that could lead you to the plans you seek. is one really great site that has free dollhouses making plans. You should definitely check it out. If that site is not quite what you are looking for then you can always try Both of these resources should definitely be enough to get you started. There are some terrific designs that will make great dollhouses when followed correctly. also has a wide array of dollhouse design links for free so don’t forget about this informative site either.

There are tons of hobby sites out there that are geared toward enthusiasts. Hobby and dollhouse lovers gather at these sites to share information and ideas. Hobby sites are perfect for touching base with others that share your dollhouse interests. Look for places that have a message forum where you can post questions and receive answers. You will likely get an answer to your question very quickly so ask around about dollhouse plan resources. Check out any hobby groups in your local area. Not only are they great for information, you can also meet some great new people. Joining or starting a hobby group online or locally is perfect for exchanging information and dollhouse designs.

If you really cannot find anything that you like then you should consider building your own dollhouse by using your own design. Draw it up by hand or use the computer. Though there are great designs out there to be found, creating your very own can be rewarding too. After all, somebody had to create the free design in the first place. Make use of the resources at your disposal to find free dollhouse designs. You will likely find more than you even need. Keep the links on hand so that you can pass them on to someone else in the future.

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